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claycons's Journal

Clay Aiken Icons
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This community is for icons of Clay Aiken. I ask for you not to post icons of anyone/thing else, there are many other icon communities for that, this is one to share the clay love :D

Here is some random rules if anyone is bored enough to read them...

1] Anyone is allowed to join and post their icons.
2] Please comment people if you are going to use any of their icons, unless they state that you don't need to.
3] Don't take icons and claim them as your own.
4] Credit the icon maker unless they state that you don't have to
5] Do not post any icons that show some sort of hatred to Clay.
6] Don't critize or make fun of any others icons. If you think you have some pointers, at least be nice about it.
7] I will remove you if I feel you need to be removed.
8] The obvious rule, have fun, and keep the community alive.

This community is run by spray_candy